I am an artist, educator, and medicine maker. I am engaged in relationship with plants, the place I live, and the people around me. My work is centered around these relationships.

I consider myself a process artist and am more interested in what happens before the final piece than the final piece itself. Mediums I work with include printmaking, illustration, assemblage, collage, natural sculpture, textiles, and photography. I work to incorporate elements from other areas of my life into my artmaking practice. Plants as materials because I am a forager and gardener. Discarded children's drawings as collage ingredients from my teaching practice.

My intentions for this ongoing life project is to explore art and relationship with the natural world, and how they can be tools for empowerment and healing. Equally, working to experiment in other ways of living that explore options outside of the current consumption paradigm, and using art to explore what waste, value, and beauty mean.

I am interested in the ways creative expression can manifest, and creating space for people to access it. I am a teacher - I develop arts and ecology curriculum for children, creative retreats for adults, and art workshops for everyone.

From the Upper Midwest, currently living in community on an island in the Salish Sea.