workshops and offerings

Teaching is an offering. Teaching is creative practice.


art offerings for adults

I teach printmaking, photography, and creative practice ritual to adults. This focus includes various classes on the cyanotype process, which is an analog photography technique from the 19th century that uses sunlight to expose images. I am very drawn to the way the energy of the sun interacts with objects and negatives to create this work, and engage in this medium from spring equinox to autumn equinox as part of my practice of seasonal awareness. View my portfolio for examples of cyanotype, under the photography category.

I am currently putting together my Spring 2020 teaching schedule. Check back soon for upcoming workshops. If you would like me to come to your space and teach, I love taking my show on the road - tell me more at katey.rissi ( at ) I am happy to bring an already developed workshop to you or to create something new. At this time I am only teaching in locations that can be reached by car/train from Western Washington (no planes).

Follow the link below to see my calendar and descriptions of my art workshops.


herbalism and folk ecology offerings

I host plant walks, herbal medicine making classes, homesteading, and folk ecology workshops. Folk ecology is an orientation towards ecology that is based in folk wisdom, rather than through an academic lens. I believe that ecological knowledge rests in all peoples engaging in earth relationship, and that this knowledge can be nurtured in anyone, regardless of what sort of educational background they have or how deep in “nature” they live. Folk ecology workshops seek to nurture that relationship that sits inside all of us. These workshops are part bioregional literacy roadmap, part decolonization practice, and part spiritual ecology primer. Additionally, as part of folk ecology, I co-host celebrations and rituals that honor the wheel of the year and the seasonal celebrations observed in various folk traditions across the world.


With youth

I teach visual art and write curriculum for K-8th grade youth. This work includes teaching the basics of visual art mediums I am familiar with: mostly printmaking, painting, collage, and sculpture. In addition to the arts, my focus areas are the things that I love: ecology/bioregional knowledge, social justice, history, gardening, and self-reliance skills. My teaching practice is oriented to the belief that we learn best when we are able to discover on our own. Part of this means managing a making space that kids have unstructured access to - something not available to them otherwise. I create programs and curriculum that are process-based rather than outcome-based, and if I’m able to step back and let the mystery and non-linear path of learning unfold in a natural way, well, then I feel pretty good about it.